Soft cushion [new texture]

I added new texture version to ”LP2 Soft cushon".

2prim,6 color changeable.

Now available at LP2interior.


LP2 Desk [with new texture]

I made new textures of desks.
4prim(with shadow)

And monitor and keyboard on the desk is 1L$ each.
The monitor is modify permission,so you can change texture of display.

Beach chair [Remake]

I remade the item that had been sold before.

The texture and the pose were renewed.

Now available at LP2interior(New shop).


Moved to New Land

We moved Mainstore to Futago island SIM.

New Groupgift=Floating Candle.(3prim,copy OK)

++LP2interior++ Mainstore


Cat cushion

I applied my cat's photograph to the cushion of sculpted prim.

You can get it free(0L$) now at LP2interior.



Simple Fishing Chair

I was ordered a simple chair for fishing before.
I distribute it as a group gift because there are some customers wanting it.

3prim,2sitting pose,copy ok

5 different chairs are included.


++LP2++ Sculpted prim Plant Series

The chair is the majority in the items of our shop.
However, the plant series is a hidden popular article.

They are made from Sculpted prims and have a sense of existence.