Group gift_May 2010

A new gift was set up.
It’s an obje that used winding tree parts.

You can modify and copy,so please try to arrange it variously.



Beach Set [Renewal]

Yesterday,I had the inquiry "Isn't there beach table set that was before?" from the guest.

I panicked at redecorating the shop and had lost timing in which it was put out.
Then, it decided to sell it adding some animations.

6prim(chair*4 + table + shadow)
modify,trans OK

It is in the outdoor furniture corner of the second floor.


New Chair

++LP2++ rococo chair2

*8 prim
*16 poses
*Frame color changeable(touch left leg)

Now available at LP2interior.


++LP2++ Chair067

I obtained a wonderful tool named ANY POSE recently.
It achieves posed-making in-world.

I made eight new poses that fitted a new chair.
Suitable for the female avatar especially, I think.

5 prim
3 color variations (Red,Black,Brown)

Please try it at LP2interior.