LP2 MZ Chair

++LP2++ MZ chair 01

This is a chair put on the market before.
but I introduce now,because sales is good recently.

It is a texture of the vinyl material style.
We have 2type(single type(1P) and long type(3P)),and each chair is 4prim.

You can select colors.(touch leg)

These chairs have been exhibited to the second floor of LP2interior mainshop.


Moved! (store of bar items)

The counter of the shop(bar and cafe) articles was moved from tmainstore to SunsetHills.

It is a view from the entrance of the store.

A large amount of chairs for the counter have been exhibited.

There are a wine cooler and bottles,etc.

We started sales of the set of a small bar counter.

++LP2interior++ SUNSET HILLS


New Lobby chair

We release a new lobby chair.

It is a very simple design made from a seat of black leather and wooden leg.
...and only 2prims!

I think that they suit the lobby and the lounge of the hotel, the commercial establishment, and public facilities .

Now available at LP2interior mainstore.


New Floor Light

We released a new floor lamp.

It is an elegant design of the Northern Europe style.
3 prims.

You can switch On/Off by touching light.

Now available at LP2interior mainshop.


Oriental Skin,Hair and chair texture.

I set up the vender of DrLife(skin and hair) in our store.

My friend,Leena makes very beautiful oriental skin!
You can get DEMO for free of charge,so try her skin and hair by all means.

The furniture matched to her image is put near the vender.

If you are interested,come to LP2 interior mainstore.


Modern Sofa

Information on our new sofa.

Red modern sofa.(++LP2++ modern sofa 070 red)
It is composed of 5 Prim.

The cushion sinks when you sit.

You can choose texture finish.
(Touch leg and choose finish from 3)

The poses are put in each two cushions.

Now available at LP2 interior mainshop.


Not guitar parts?

I started the Rock bar in Secondlife as my first work.(about 2years ago,and, the bar was closed in several months. )
I made these things though I'm a furniture dealer now.

Is this the parts of electric guitar?

No,these are bar stools.

I am making the bar counter that imaged electric guitar now.
When I complete this, I want to introduce again.


1prim home bar counter

It is an introduction of a new item and a new store this time.
First,1Prim's bar counter. (new item)

This is a small counter suitable for use by 4-5 people.

You can choose colors from 6 pop-colors.

This counter is now available at SUNSET HILLS.

However, not a current shop but a new shop on the other side.
The 2nd information is this exactly.
You can visit the store though it is under construction.

AT this shop,I'll enhance bar items
(stool,counter,bottles and etc.).

++LP2interior++ SUNSET HILLS


Simple Light ”LP2 Cube light005”

I made simple floor light.
It is a small square with all sides of about 30cm.

Brightness can be switched to two stages with menu.

User's authority can be switched. (owner,group,anyone)

I sell it on the entrance of mainstore.

3prims and 'ok copy'(no mod,no trans) permission.

You can try and buy this "cube light005" at my mainshop.


LP2 sofa 099 Limited Edition

I made The limited edition model of LP2 sofa 099. (a classical shape,unusual as the chair of our shop)

Cloth with a little dirty luster feeling,and frame of old wood.

The shadow made for exclusive use is attached.

I put it on the entrance of mainstore with the lamp that uses the same texture.

You can try this "++LP2++ sofa 099 old stripe" at my mainShop.


Spoon Earring Pop color version

The reputation of earrings that had been put on the market the other day was good.
And there were opinions of wanting petty(KAWAII).
So I made POP color version.

You can choose colors from menu by touching earring.

This not only simply paint the color but also newly made some parts.

LEENA of DRLIFE came to my store the other day.
'DRLIFE' is a famous and popular shop as beautiful skin shop.
This earring suits her blue hair.

You can buy this Earring at SuzyPop(in LP2 interior).